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>> john boehner said you created this crisis and you fix it. >> he's a straight shooter. joe biden fires off a surprising new statement in the latest round of the gun control debate. >> in syracuse, new york, john mccain lets loose on immigration and looks like someone i used to know. >> a simple bail hearing turns into the trial of the century. more on the oscar pistorius murder case. >> you should be in all orange. all that plus with all the talk of a civil war in the gop, it's not with the democrats, pinning the tail on the donkey today in the cycle.
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the clock is ticking and with insults and accusations and both houses of congress and recess just nine days before the you cans are scheduled to happen, washington doesn't seem too worried. neither are we. that means it's show time. time to spin the wheel and play sequestery is nan begans to blame the other side for the loomingly $1.2 trillion in cuts which will begin hitting on march 1st. our version "the price is right," or wrong in this case because it's all about money. contestant number one is barack obama. today he continues his pr assault heading republicans as a com at the time tor who would rather have the fallout and compromise the president is avoiding the nation's biggest news outlets, opting to grant interviews to eight local tv personalities.
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i have been told -- that's not true, but i still would like an interview. anyway, contestant number two in this game of sequester shenanigans is the republican party, calling this the obama quester. >> no, we are not. >> hoping americans will associate and blame the president for the drastic cuts, the same strategy they used in the obama care fight. what's old is new again. the speaker adds with an op ed, writing mr. president, we agree that your sequester is bad policy. what spending are you willing to cut to replace it. that is washington at its best, both sides did agree to the sequester. let me introduce you to the sequester. he is "washington post" columnist matt miller, come on down to contestant's row. let's go right to your column today. you write that it's hard to know
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which is coming to sequester or the argument made to avoid them. i wonder if you can explain and you have come up with your own solution to this. you might be a little drunk on power here the last time you were on the show. they called for a minimum wage strike. lo and behold, the state of the union address. we want to see what the solution is that we should be looking at here. >> this is proof that the cycle is the most powerful outlet in the universe. that's why you have to come here with ideas. as i argue today, it's like a situation of dumb and dumber. it's a very dumb thing that looks like it's about to happen. when you have obama there yesterday at the campaign style event saying that the airports will shut down and there will be chaos and the al qaeda will get a lead on us. i think for a 5% cut which is
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what most of the stuff is, it's breathless and overhyped. i understand the politics and i think you end up for the president, they should be an economic argument he can win. the reason it's dumb to do this from across the board cuts, you don't want to cut government spending at a time when we are close to 8% unemployment. instead of talking about how the federal government departments can't handle the 5% cut, especially defense. defense doubled in the last decade and the idea that you can't take a 7% cut seems absurd. he doesn't make the argument left in this mess. >> your specific solution you are calling for say forget the sequester and -- >> sorry. i didn't abate my prompt properly, steve. >> you are trying to change the world. i'm trying to help you. >> i know. i appreciate it. >> if we can't avoid the sequester and they are going off
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that cliff because they can't get out of the way, at the same time they should reenact the payroll tax cut that they let expire at the beginning of the year. a couple of months ago when they let the tax cut expire, that raised taxes $120 billion a year on working americans if they would enact something like that again. they could make it as big or bigger than the sequester cuts that are about to take effect. that will offset or account more than offset the macro economic downside that we are about to face from the sequester and maybe because it's a tax cut and something they could agree on. it's incoherent as a matter of policy and the whole thing becomes this jerky weird political molecule. that's what we are looking at these days. >> i get that you say the 5% cuts to discretionary spending and not a disaster. we can survive this. the problem is that the
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president is not just hyper ventilating on those. he is also trotting out the idea that we will lose a lot of government jobs. you make the case in your column and compare this to the corporate world where a 10% loss is generally an acceptable or part of collateral damage. do you feel the same way about potential job losses? >> no. not when we have 8% unemployment. one of the big problems we had in the last few years is we had government shed hundreds of thousands of jobs, much more dramatic way than the state and local level than in priest recessions. that exacerbated the unemployment problem. it's a different point i was trying to make. and the fact that large organization when is they go through a president of examining more closely and can tut 10% and
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may involve job loss and making them more efficient in the long-term. that has to be true for government agencies as well. that doesn't mean it's smart. it's a macro economic matter to create more job loss at the federal level now. >> right. politico had a piece write being how legislators are getting nervous about cuts that can hit their district specifically and had a quote saying i am almost relishing the moment they say can you help me with my base? it's somebody else's district, it's good government. when it's in your state or back yard, it's devastating and i think he has a good point and will be interesting it see if the legislators change their tune as they realize the cuts can be impacting the district. isn't this a point of leverage for the president as well since it will be his administration that decides where the cuts will fall? >> first i have to say i'm shocked we have that coming from
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congress men as they look at these. >> shocking, i know. that didn't happen during the stimulus at all. >> it might be a point of leverage, although i think the kind of more interesting point is i think that the executive branch will have discretion in how it phases in the cuts between the fiscal year now and october 1st. if they kind of back load the way they phase it in which they could do on the theory that we got another self-inflicted cliff a month from now and government funding runs out and there will be another talk of calamity, it may be that the assumption is there will be a deal in the next couple of months and if you try to stretch out or back load this year's sequester cuts, you might be able to avoid the worst impact. if you are long and you do that, that means in august or september, you are furlough
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people for the month. that will be ugly also. >> i get annoyed when we hear about the right saying the sequester was obama's idea and he forced to this deadline governing style when he is dealing with a party refusing to work with him at all. we had other areas like the several federal judgeships that are unfilled because the republicans refused to work with him. isn't he forced into this way of doing business? >> sad to say, but i think you are right. if it ends up being a miscalculation that obama didn't let all of the tax cuts expire at the beginning of the year and by extending the tax cuts by everybody except the top one%, i think it's publicly effective and we just did tax increases and we are done with that. obama and the white house seemed
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to want the argument every month when we hit these self-inflicted phony deadlines every month. obama wants a fresh argument about you want to throw teachers out the window or raise taxes on corporate jets? the white house seems content to have that argument, but i worry it will run dry for them and am feel a little hollow. if we lead the bush tax cuts expire for everybody, he can have the revenue he wanted over the long-term. we will see. >> just quickly, there is news this afternoon. greg sergeant who is plugged in on capitol hill is reporting the democrats have all but given up on the idea of compromising and talking with republicans in advance of march 1st. they basically said republicans are digging their heels in and
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conservatives need to claim a moral victory where we stood down and it came and it passed and we didn't buckle. the democrats are looking ahead to that deadline and continuing resolution and what they see is san opportunity maybe to get republicans to fold when it comes to closing the loopholes and deductions and specifically this buffett rule, the idea of the 30% tax that would affect people who pay a very low rate because of capital gains and dividen dividends. they say that's a major driver and something we really want to get addressed. we are not going to get addressed, but will have a chance to see logic to that. >> logic in the perverse sense that we are on this month to month funding of government, yes. i think there is a logic to that. we will see. there is clearly intense negotiations over the expiration of this current funding for the
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government. i do think the world must laugh at us or both laugh and scratch their heads and kind of feel sadly that the u.s. has gotten into what i called this permanently dysfunctional equilibrium. there was no way to run the country and i think it's pathetic. >> matt miller, thanks as aulsz. up next, one of the places the cuts could have an impact. they could weaken background checks as lawmakers were trying to toughen them up. joe biden said buy a gun as the cycle rolls on for wednesday february 20th. [ female announcer ] are you really getting salon quality...
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here is why. >> put that double barrel shotgun and fired two blasts outside the house. i promise you whoever is coming in, you don't need an ar 15. it's harder to aim, it's harder to use and in fact you don't need 30 rounds to protect yourself. buy a shotgun. >> have i mentioned before on this program they love that man? i just wanted to make sure. i am not an expert on whether the actual technique he described is the most effective way to deter intruders, but the
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fact that you don't need an assault weapon to successfully defend yourself was important, but more importantly, this is why people love joe biden. he is not canned. he is interesting and says what he thinks. sometimes he curses without knowing. this is why we love him. chris christie's poll has him 74% approval in new jersey. tremendously popular. same deal. he is saying what he thinks and being the person he is. most normal people are looking more at that sense of do i trust this person, do i feel comfortable with them that they are telling me the truth than their actual policy positions. you all know how much i love hillary too. how much fun would a biden, chris christie matchup be? that would be amazing.
12:19 pm
>> crystal, i think it's the yin to your yang. chris cristy is refreshing and biden seems like more of a gaffe meister. you don't know what is going to come out of joe's mouth. you get the sense he doesn't know. this comment makes me uncomfortable from a political standpoint. i understand what he is saying in terms of guns. one of the things that is different, the gun safety crowd knows we have to be sensitive to the feelings of the gun rights people. we have to tell them we are not going to take away all of your guns and the president has to show images of him shooting the gun saying he respects the hunting tradition and tried to keep them calm and not get them afraid. when joe says this, he is not on this playbook. this is part of this chronic inability to sort of stay on
12:20 pm
message and to be transmitting that seriousness, that a hillary or cuomo are more easily to do. joe is constantly saying these sorts of things. let's look at the greatest hits. >> i wouldn't go anywhere in confined places now. it's not that it's going to mexico to confined aircraft when one person sneezes that goes all the way through the aircraft. that's me. i would not be at this point if they had another way of transportation suggesting they ride the subway. >> put y'all back in chains. >> loose lips sinks ships. some of that way of talking will contribute to him not getting through a primary. it doesn't strike me as totally presidential. >> i think the big deal resonated with people. that's sort of a normal guy having a normal reaction to something pretty big. the last thing we need, i don't
12:21 pm
want to get too personal with the 2016 candidates, we have enough martin o'malleys out there and enough women who read from the script and understand where the polls are and say okay, this is the safe thing to say. the thing about biden and chris cristy and others like this, he has blood in his veins. i think that resonates with people. i will do a time warp and go back about 10 or 12 years. we used to say the same about john mccain. he was the maverick. i now call him the sore loser, but sometimes the maverick streak comes out. let's look at general in a town meeting in arizona this week. . >> you said build a dang fence. where is the fence? >> in case you missed it, i showed you. we had enough time, pal. you had enough time. you had enough time. >> the context of that was, this is mccain of the mid-2000s when
12:22 pm
immigration was his issue and he nearly lost the republican nomination because of it and muted himself on the issue. he has the sore loser thing with obama, but he still cares about this issue. i watch him in a setting like that and i remember the day when john mccain was every democrat's favorite republican and john mccain could have been like tr and running an independent campaign for president. that's the john mccain. >> let me say i loved joe biden's psa for gun ownership. i would like more democrats to come on the airwaves and urge americans to buy guns. in a serious point, i think joe biden clearly doesn't know what is easiest for a woman to shoot. the whole uproar over the ar 15 from the gun control crowd is it's too easy to shoot. too deadly. i don't understand why all of these guys, most of them
12:23 pm
democrats are coming out and trying to me, a woman, how i need to defend myself against another man. it just doesn't read right. you have joe salazar in col rad telling me i need to buy a whistle. let's play that. >> we have call boxes. that's why we have safe zones. that's why we have the whistles. you just don't know who you are going to be shooting at. you don't know if you feel like you are going to be raped or you feel like somebody happy following you around or feel like you are in trouble and you pop off that gun and you pop a round at somebody. >> wow. it was the great whistle shortage of 1999 that led to all of the incidents of college rape, i'm sure. if only we had whistles to use. there was colorado university who put up a memo for women to evade attackers by vomiting on
12:24 pm
them, urinating on them. why didn't we think of that? why didn't we think of spontaneously vomiting and running away. they also suggest women kickoff your shoes before you run away because the high heels are probably hard to run in. look, guys. i appreciate the help, but go vomit on yourself and when you go take a walk in the wrong side of town, i hope that you just have a whistle to protect yourself. >> we all know that really the male legislators should be talking to the other men. they are going to tell us what we are allowed to own and do. >> exactly. how to get away from them. >> exactly. makes no sense. up next, there is a serious political battle shaping up for kerry's empty seat and forcing demes to pick sides. he is pumped for massachusetts politics with national implications, up next. to grow, we have to boost our social media visibility.
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. >> we spend time republican within the republican party, but there was a civil war left open by john kerry becoming secretary of state given massachusetts's partisan bit, the primary winner is likely to be the state's next senator. the race featured two congress men, ed marky who has been there for 36 years and an iron worker to came to congress a decade ago. >> there is no one like him there, they said. i thought about it for a few minutes and i happen to agree that this is true. i will not fit in in the u.s. senate, but either would you. >> that was stephen lynch at a kickoff and he joins us now from boston. congressman, the audio was not
12:29 pm
great, but i found myself watching that moment a few times. i think the line you used, i would not fit in and neither would you and the crowd went wild. i listened and said i think he is talking to the voter who kind of left the democratic party in massachusetts in 2010 and voted for scott brown. was that a message aimed at those voters? >> no, it was actually aimed at people who work for a living. i think people realize that the united states senate has been an exclusive club and many of the members don't share the daily life experiences of most working class americans. >> we should point out there was a poll for them to be on the show. they have an awful lot of establishments and john kerry endorsed him on the way out and national democrats were with him. a poll showed this to be a close
12:30 pm
race, 38-31 with marky ahead by seven points. when i talked to democrats up in massachusetts trying to figure out how to make sense of the race, if there was one criticism of you that i hear most often, i actually like the guy and agree with him, but he voted against health care in 2010. he voted against the affordable care act when it came up for final passage. what's your answer to people who have that concern? >> people that want to know why i voted against it should look at the two bills, the house bill on health care reform and the so-called obama care house version and i voted for that and i voted against the senate version. three main reasons. one, the house version we took away the antitrust exemption that insurance companies enjoy. number two, we actually created a state-wide public option that creates competition and third, we stay away from taxing health
12:31 pm
care and benefits and plans. now over in the senate, what they did was gave back the antitrust exemption to experience companies that allow them to operate the cocktails and not increase the cost of health care. they took away the state-sponsored option that creates competition and thirdly, they piled up the taxes on health care. health care plans and employers who provide generous benefits for their employees and it's now creating incentive for employers to now back away from providing health care for the employees. i met with the president at the white house and i explained why i was against the bill. i made a promise to him that while i could not vote for the bill, i said i will work to fix this rather than repeal it. as a result the last 31 times that the republicans have put repeal on the floor of the house, i voted no all 31 times.
12:32 pm
>> one congressman, another source of concern is where you stand on a woman's right to choose. you described yourself as pro life, but you believe that the right to have an abortion is a constitutionally protected right, correct me if i am wrong on any of that. >> that's correct. >> i wanted to give you a chance of clearing up the record on where you stand on these issues. i grabbed a couple of previous votes. if you could try to stick to more or less yes or no whether you stand by the votes that you take. >> it's a profound issue in society and you want me to speak to yes or no? you invited me on. i would like to be allowed to talk. >> sure. after we go through those you can explain a bit more, but you voted to ban the procedure known as partial birth abortion. would you vote the same way today? >> of course, yeah. >> in 2005, you voted having
12:33 pm
military women having privately funded abortions overseas? >> there were other issues in that as well. i voted to allow any woman in the military to basically have a leave to make her own decision. the problem with having abortions on a military facility is that you have superior officers there and it's a command society. do you think a woman with a rank in a uniform is going to have a free choice? there no other free choices going on on military bases. that was my concern. i did support right of women to have automatic leave where they wouldn't be under the influence of military officers, their superiors, to make a truly independent decision. >> okay. going back to health care, you supported the stupak amendment
12:34 pm
and would have basically banned insurance coverage for abortion under the president's health care plan. is that a position you stand by as well? >> on the health care bill, look, the abortion or the reproductive rights issues within the health care act really wasn't any basis of my ability to support or oppose any bill. i don't think that it was a major issue in my ability to vote for or against either of the bills. in our states -- i did support that, yeah. i did support that. however i have also supported funding for planned parenthood because they do the best work in reducing unwanted pregnancies and therefore also reduce abortio abortions. that has been my position. i don't support attacking row v
12:35 pm
wade. that's all that it will do is change the locations from a clinical setting to one that is much more dangerous for women. and i did take the floor and i consider myself pro life. i know there pro life people saying i am not pro life or not pro life enough. i am not an expert on the church position on this, but i am an expert on my own beliefs and one of the way we can reduce abortion is doing what we have been doing which is providing full access to contraceptive services like planned parenthood does and the statistics also bear out that this might be working for the first time in 40 years, we are seeing a lower number of abortions because in part we have greater access to informed decisions being made by woman who have access to birth control counseling. >> absolutely.
12:36 pm
to that point and your support of row v wade, you told the boston globe you would absolutely vote for a supreme court nominee who opposed row v wade and said it was not a litmus test for you. do you stand by that? >> no. they asked me the same question nine times and anticipated the questions. i thought they could could you support a pro choice nominee and i said absolutely. that was the question i was asked. later on they said no, we switched it up when we asked you the last time. we said would you have someone who opposed. if a justice comes forward and they have a demonstrated opposition to row v wade and want to overturn constitutional law, that would be a radical nominee and i would a pose them, just to be clear. >> all right. >> all right, congressman lynch.
12:37 pm
obviously abortion will be one of the issues. from massachusetts, you describe yourself as a pro life democrat and people would be surprised in massachusetts and they would think it is a liberal state. there a lot of democrats in the population who call themselves pro life. there is the makings of an interesting primer. straight ahead, should you be running your home more like modern family. surprising tips for family bliss like leading kids pick their punishment as if forced to eat beef stew was not enough. >> word on the street is the under study steals the show! did you know, your eyes can lose vital nutrients as you age?
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with the modern family of his own, they went looking for advice on how to manage the chaos within his plan, but he hasn't happen with what he found. rather than turning to traditional experts, he intrude creative thinkers including green ba rays and techies and the people behind abc's smash hit modern family. from that came the new and improved self-help book that includes more than 200 new tips to help families run easier, smoother, and happier. in the guest spot and at the table no less, columnist and best selling author wrote the secrets of happy families and improve your mornings and fight smarter and go out and play and
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much more. welcome. >> great to be with you. and everybody else. >> because i know you, i know that you are a man who likes to do things. you take action. you wanted to walk the bible. you walked the bible and wrote about it. you were diagnosed with cancer and wanted to think about how fatherly lessons were going to be passed down to your daughters and created a counsel of dads and wrote about it. what are the secrets and how did do you this? >> the frustration as you mentioned, parents are frustrated. i wrote about happy families and i wanted one. the thing that the straight jackets can come from the improvement industry. they had new ideas and wanted to find out what the parents are doing and test them. >> what is the green beret guide to the perfect family vacation?
12:43 pm
>> we would have the family reunions and all the families retreated to separate corners. who is better than the military? they studied it for 50 years and what you need to do is make teams and different generations and nothing based on that and them. these teams, they have names and you are bringing people together. one of the things that the research is clear about, i'm looking at you because you are about to have your second child, parents should spend less time worrying about the bad things and more time on the good things. you make these positive memories, they outweigh the negative ones. >> i guess you write about the value of teaching kids where they come from and take from an testers and try to keep those away from kids and try to gloss them over. >> the more embarrassing, the more painful the better.
12:44 pm
this was the single most interesting thing. where your grand parents were born. somebody who had an illness they overcame. kid who is scored highest had the higher self esteem. it was the number one predictor of a child's well being. they have a sense they are part of a larger story. you want to tell not only your positive moments, but the difficult moments and how they overcame them. so when kids face their own inevitable hurdles, they have the confidence that my relatives got through it and i can too. >> part of where the stories come from is family dinner. i remember those when the family grouped together. i know we would get a lot done with family bonding and spreading the family stories. why are you asking us to rethink family dinner? that is part of the whole family life? >> one thing we heard is family
12:45 pm
dinner is important. i had it growing up and it doesn't work in our schedules sometimes. my wife doesn't come home until 6:30. the news is better for parents. turns out only ten minutes of meaningful conversation at any meal. the rest is take your elbows off the table and pass the ketchup. you can take that and at any time of day have the benefit. have breakfast or meet for a bedtime snack or one meal on the weekends has benefits. we do it at work and with tv shows. you can time shift family dinners. you are forming the bond that will be helpful as your kids head out into the world. >> this one is flying off the shelves and i'm so jealous. thanks so much for joining us. we are like our own dysfunctional family here on the cycle and our facebook friends are sharing family tips with us. a family must always be reminded
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to play nice even if you are convinced that one of you was brought to your house by a drunk stork. love the cycle. >> a drunk stork. you know the deal. like us on facebook to join the conversation. up next, new details in the murder case against oscar pistorius. were steroids involved? we will have the latest, next. even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've bought ragu for years. [ thinking ] wonder what other questionable choices i've made? i choose date number 2! whooo! [ sigh of relief ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego. [ thto fight chronic. osteoarthritis pain. to fight chronic low back pain. to take action. to take the next step. today, you will know you did something for your pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is a pain reliever fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one non-narcotic pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain.
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details from the bail case against oscar pistorius. testimony about what neighbors heard the night pistorius shot and killed his girlfriend and what investigators found in his home afterwards. michelle kosinski is there with the latest. michelle? >> reporter: we really didn't expect to get this level of detail today. during this bond hearing, with the chief police investigator on the stand, he said the night of the killing, he would have had to walk down this 23 footlong hall way and go in the bathroom and fire four shots through the door of the small enclosed toilet. he would have been wearing the prosthetic legs because of the trajectory of the bullets. it was downward. he said he was not wearing his legs and in his account he said it was pitch dark and he woke up and heard a noise and immediately thought it was a burglar because he thought his girlfriend was in the bed.
12:51 pm
police said they have witness statements, from a woman who lives nearby. she claims what heard like fighting for a full hour between 2:00 and 3:00 aim and soon after heard gunshots. another man said that night he heard the gunfire and went on to to his balcony and claims the lights were on in pistorius's home and heard a woman scream two or three times and then heard a few more gunshots. also today, police started out by saying we found steroids, testosterone and needles for injection in pistorius's home, but once the defense started hammering him with questions, he finally admitted no, i don't know how that was testosterone and i don't know what it was. the officer said it's being tested, but the defense claims an herbal remedy. still we don't know whether or not pistorius will be released on bond. court adjourned early today and will be picked up again
12:52 pm
tomorrow. >> all right, thanks michelle. you know, guys, i am just not optimistic about oscar being able to get out of this one. not that i necessarily want him to or have a dog in the fight at all but his story doesn't make sense to me. he hears or thinks there's an intruder in the bathroom. he yells at that person and he does not respond and he shoots through the door. it seems a lot more simple to think that this is a case of domestic violence. >> well, the facts certainly don't look good for him, although we still are learning all the facts so we want to make sure to put that caveat out there. but if we take the best case scenario and believe his story with all the flaws that we're seeing in it, that he heard a noise in the bathroom, went there and then just started shooting into the bathroom thinking it was an intruder, it's crazy to me that there is any place on this earth where the first thing that you think when you hear a noise in the
12:53 pm
bathroom is not, oh, it's probably my significant other who i know is in the house going to the bathroom and you think it's an intruder, let me shoot it right now. that's crazy. that seems crazy. >> yeah, and i'll just, you know, join the chorus of people talking about how we put athletes on pedestals. i just don't understand how every time we're surprised when an athlete turns out to maybe me, you know, fallible or in some cases a terrible, terrible person. how many mickey mantles and tiger woods and lance armstrongs do we have to have sort of running around to no longer be this invested in the morality of these athletes and then this disappointed when they let us down. it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. >> yeah. no, i agree. we like heroes. we look for them and probably manufacture them too much. >> he's a fast guy. that does not a hero make. >> and it's also the idea of his
12:54 pm
public persona being so potentially different from who he really is that i think is very jarring and very confusing for people. >> i mean i think him overcoming what he had to overcome with his body made him a hero but i think the idea that athletes are heroes is incredibly difficult to swallow at this point in history. up next, kornacki attacks mr. and mrs. whiner. all right that's a fifth-floor problem... ok. not in my house! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! no no no! not today! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! jimmy how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars
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it's been three months since the election and i keep hearing the same lament from democrats. we would have won a clean sweep, the presidency, the senate and
12:58 pm
the house if only it wasn't for jerry mannedering. there's some superficial logic to this. gop ended up with a 17-seat majority. this came just two years after republicans used their 2010 midterm landslide to grab control of governorships and state legislatures in a host of big states, meaning that when it came time to draw new district lines for the 2012 elections, something the constitution says has to be done every ten years the gop was able to manufacture a whole bunch of seats they would have no business winning under a fair map. isn't that the essence of gerrymandering? yes, it is. but that doesn't explain why republicans still run congress. the real explanation has to do with how americans have chosen to sort themselves out geographically. democrats have traditionally been the party of urban america
12:59 pm
and republicans the party of rural america but there's never as dramatic a relationship between where a person lives and how that person votes as there is today. start with the democrats. president obama's victory was keyed by overwhelming majorities from an overwhelming turnout by a rising block of voters, latinos, african-americans, women, particularly single women, professionals with multiple degrees, millennials, the coalition of the ascendant. they helped deliver obama a winning margin of five million votes nationally, but they are overwhelmingly clustered in cities and metro areas. this was enough to give obama win after win in key battleground states and to lift his party senate candidates in those same states, but the house is a different story. when it comes to the lower chamber, as you know, states are split into districts. what that means in the average big state is that the democratic vote packed into metro areas as it is is concentrated in a handful of districts where obama and his

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